About Rachel M. | Toronto Organization Expert
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About Rachel M.

I used to think it was hard to imagine anyone making a career for themselves organizing people’s lives. But after a career in teaching and humanitarian relief for 17 years my natural ability to organize almost anything prompted me to realize that organizing for others is my calling. Any educator can tell you that in order to function at one’s full potential when teaching, you must be obsessively organized. Mastering this art has made me very efficient at helping others with these challenges.

When I first became fascinated with the idea of applying my organization skills for the betterment of others, I began organizing clients’ spaces in Toronto, and in turn many other aspects of their busy lives. I have since developed a holistic approach to assessing clients’ organizational needs. Being an educator has allowed me the unique opportunity to practice what I preach and effectively teach clients about the many benefits of living with an organized home and business life. After years of perfecting my craft and solving a bevy of unique organizational challenges, I can proudly declare that I have positively transformed the lives of many people in Toronto and the GTA.

Give Organization a Chance. Your Life Will Thank You.

Simply put, getting organized will improve your quality of life. It is an essential component for people interested in freeing up more time to do the things that are most important to them. Studies have shown that individuals who live and work in cluttered spaces don’t function at the same efficiency levels as those who are surrounded by order.

Organized spaces aid in the development of organized thinking processes and children are the best proof of this. Provided with routine and order, children thrive and adults are no different. The scope of Organizational Design’s services range from home organization, office organization, organizing agendas, grocery organization, meal planning, relocation and downsizing, and planning for a baby’s arrival.

Reinvent Your Space

With Organizational Design’s free consultation, you will know if our service is right for you. If you live in Toronto or the GTA and find yourself to be organizationally compromised with a space or a specific life change, I’m here for you. Get in touch today!

-Rachel M.

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