Helpful Organization Tips | Organizational Design
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Here are 5 Basic Organization Tips to help you get or stay organized:

1. Being Organized is Simply Knowing What You Have and Where to Find It.

Classifying like-minded belongings and grouping them together neatly will save you lots of time each day. With the extra time, you can focus on more important things in life.

2. Put Things Back Where You Found Them

It sounds childish to say. But following this advice allows for organizationally repetitive habits to develop. Besides, it takes much more time to look for something than it takes to just put it back properly when you’re done using it.

3. Store Things Where You Use Them

If you systematically plan where things are placed in your home, the efficiency of your layout will quickly become apparent. For instance, towels should go near the bathroom and laundry detergent near the washing machine.

4. Keep Things Accessible in Relation to How Often You Use It

Items which are used more often should be within arms reach. Items which are used infrequently can be on higher or lower shelves (for heavier things). This organizing habit will get you moving around any space faster and more efficiently.

5. Group Like Things Together

Office supplies, tools, holiday décor items, batteries, items used for travel, beach, etc. It’s easier to find and use things when they’re all together in one place so make sure they’re not scattered. Put tools and screws in the same area and stow your important documents in a similar corner.

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