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Many of the people we work with are first-time clients who are unfamiliar with how Organizational Design works. Please refer to the Q&A’s below to learn more about our business. If you still find yourself in a bind, reach out directly to Rachel M. to receive a prompt reply.

Q: How much do you typically charge for organizational consulting?
A: Our consulting rates account for a number of conceptual and labor-related fees. Certain factors which influence your estimate are the size of the space, approximate turnaround time and the kind of organizational plan you choose. Should you elect to go with a long-term organization consulting plan as opposed to a one-time consultancy, we would likely offer a reduced rate depending on the nature of the job. Overall, we consider our rates quite competitive.

Q: How involved do I have to be in the organizational process?
A: All of our Toronto clients are involved in the process in some capacity. First, we need to briefly speak with you to understand your organizational setbacks and propose methods for tackling these areas of concern. With us, it’s not just about organizing your space but your organizing habits. We want to put you in the best organizational situation for the future. Ideally, we would like to involve our clients every step of the way. But naturally, since not everyone has the time for that, Rachel M. and the team are very comfortable working entirely independently so long as appropriate ground rules are set by the client beforehand.

Q: I have some private things I’d like to keep private. Do you practice confidentiality?
A: Part of what makes Organizational Design so successful is our pledge to respect the confidentiality of all of your private goods and belongings. When we leave your property, we want you to rest assured that you can trust us. Right off the bat during your free consultation, we drive this point home because it’s a key priority for our business model. Organizational Design is led by Rachel M. who has earned the trust of so many residents of Toronto and the GTA. The nature of her job is inherently personal. With Rachel M.’s deeply invested, hands-on approach, you will feel as if you are entrusting your space to a dear friend.

Q: What kind of people do you usually work with?
A: We get a wide variety of clientele. Some of our clients have been with us for quite some time, while others are clients for life-changing events or single-space organization scenarios. Some want to get organized and don’t know how, while others simply don’t have the time. We also work with people who consider themselves hoarders who require consultation for discerning which things are important. Clients are typically busier, on-the-go residents of Downtown Toronto and all other areas in the GTA. A resident of Toronto herself, Rachel M. mostly works with Toronto residents in order to apply her personal touch.

Q: I have a very unusual request that requires organization. Can you help?
A: Bring it on! We LOVE fielding unusual requests and in fact it’s a far more common request than you might think. Rachel M. is incredibly resourceful and lives for these organizational challenges. Organizing a birthday party or family gathering? We’re on it. Saving up for a new car? Let’s get started. Organizational design has no bounds. Let Rachel M. pitch in!

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