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We Declutter and Organize Your Space So You Can Breathe.

Life can get claustrophobic and overwhelming. When your kitchen is a mess or when you can’t find that favorite shirt buried somewhere in your closet, it’s as if your life gets put on hold. Life takes a break, you fret and the next thing you know, you’ve turned into Sherlock Holmes – only, your mysteries rarely get solved. At Organizational Design, Rachel M. and the team understand your deep frustration. And we’re here to help you declutter and get your life back on track. Organizational Design is much more than a personal organizer.

Reform Your Thinking

For many in Toronto and the GTA, we are an organizational lifeline that reintroduces harmony into people’s lives. Don’t let a paper-cluttered office space hinder your productivity at work. Stop panicking about preparing for the birth of a new-born baby. Whatever your unique situation demands, we’ve seen it all and genuinely want to simplify your life.

Home Organization

Getting the physical space in your home organized supports efficiency in your day-to-day life. Disorderly spaces make it very difficult to find items, and not being able to find what you need leads to frustration and wasted time. Our professional organizers can help you organize your entire home or just a basement, personal office, garage or pantry depending on your individual needs.

Office Organization

When it comes to office organization, your space should reflect your full potential as a company. Working with Organizational Design will make the most of your working environment. We will declutter your entire office and arrange folders and sensitive documents in a way that makes them easy to find while keeping your office clean. The re-created spaciousness of your office will allow your increased productivity in a stress-free work space.

Relocation, Downsizing and Moving

Moving provides individuals with a perfect opportunity to start fresh. If you are in need of assistance relocating and downsizing into a new home, we’ll work with you to make the transition seamless. One of our specialties is helping clients purge before a move so that unnecessary items are not packed and moved to your new home. Any purged items can then be donated by our team to local Toronto charities.

Home Décor and Staging for Home Sales

Once you’ve decided to sell your home, the job of making it look appealing to potential buyers is a critical factor in getting the best possible price. We can help you with cost efficient, interior design ideas and suggest staging options that will result in maximum impact on the appearance of your home, so you can get you the best price possible.

Loss of a Loved One

Losing a loved one is a devastating emotional experience. With care and compassion, we help our clients cope with bereavement by facilitating in the difficult duty of going through, packing and distributing their loved one’s personal belongings. Whether you decide to keep or discard items, Organizaitonal Design will be there to help you declutter and allocate the belongings.

Before the Baby

Knowing how to make space, what to buy and how to prepare for bringing a new baby home can be flustering, whether its your first or fourth. The Rachel M. organizing team can help you prepare for everything a new mother needs to have at arms reach. If you need to devote a section of your kitchen to baby food or convert a bedroom into a nursery, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Financial Reconciliation

Many times financial difficulties are a product of bad planning and lack of financial organization. Rachel M and her crew can help you organize your files, finances and debt payment plans to minimize interest payments and unnecessary expenditures that may be contributing to financial stresses. Organizing your finances with Organizational Design will save you money, reduce financial stress and allow you to focus on more important areas of your life.

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